Life's weird

I received a bogus email asking me to "confirm" my credit card information, and even though I already suspected it was fake, this stupid sentence gave it away:

"You have been pre-indefinitely suspended from eBay because credit cards information incorrect ."

What does that mean? Oh yeah, the low-life thieves can't write a normal sentence. I've even included the space between the last word and the period, exactly how they created it. They're so desperate to steal my credit card info and my identity, they don't even bother to proofread.

In other news, my proposal was accepted, so I'll be speaking at a conference for ESL teachers. Pretty cool. And the acceptance came the day before a rejection from yet another fiction outfit. The difference between this most recent rejection and the others is that I've got other fish to fry; ie, I like my job and have oddly gotten some stuff published, though that stuff is just letters to editors and an upcoming blurb for a book. Yes, an author I've never met before asked me to write a blurb for his upcoming paperback edition of a hardcover non-fiction book. All I did was write an appreciative email and a short while later he asked me to write a "reader's endorsement." So I'm getting stuff I don't really care about published, but the stuff I slaved over is getting zip interest. Life is weird.


comrade_tovarich said...

Since you're in Chicago, are you of those in the Region upset about the closing of Berghoff's? I don't think I ever made it there myself.

I have been up on Belmont and its area for Ethiopian food and--where was it?--some concert hall, perhaps the Aragon Ballroom, where I saw the Butthole Surfers (and a few others), and the old WaxTrax! studio/store.

Anonymous said...

The quality of the Berghoff was going down, so it's sad in a way, but it's not like we're losing a great place, just nostalgia.

The Aragon is near Lawrence, but there's also the Riviera up there. Both are a ways north of Belmont.

Are you from the midwest? Your monkey-man pic suggests mysterious origins. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm from the Midwest, but I do eat other things than bearcat stew-ew "...Alley Oop-oop--oop--oop-oop."

My Chicago geography is rather poor, as my most memorable visits there were made over 20 years ago. I'm looking to visit there in the coming year, since I have some friends who've located there and nearby (down in Joliet and Gary). The gangland tours, I forget the name, that let you visit speakeasies and see where mob hits went down, that's something I'm all hot to see!

Chicago was a drive of 3-4 hours, so I made it occasionally for concerts and to visit a friend who was studying there.

Congratulations on the articles. Persistence pays off, although I find too many ESL people want to politicize, in the >ahem< wrong way, the learning process.

Perhaps this article might--might--be of interest to you as a writer: http://www.theatlasphere.com/columns/060123-holzer-subconscious.php

Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised--people from the east coast think even the city of Chicago is a small cow town.

The gang tour is called "The Untouchable(s?) Tour" (I think).

Actually, I didn't get articles published, just letters (emails). I was even interviewed for an article a while ago. Maybe I should post the links. :)