Via Language Geek, I found something very cool to help people learn English (seven accents/dialects) and for us English native speakers to learn a bit about Portuguese, German and French (a couple of dialects each), Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian, and Thai: Fonetiks, created by a guy who speaks seven languages(!).

The site is a language lab where you can hear a bunch of audio files: "Online pronunciation guides to 7 varieties of the English language and 9 other languages; Instant sound; Pronunciation samples by over 40 native speakers; All 230 pages free; Click on a flag to open a dictionary."

I've barely scratched the surface, but it seems like it has the potential to offer a lot of language learning enjoyment.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 24 06

Hey MJ: Everytime I come back you always have something cool to share. BTW I have been getting some stuff from PayPal but I have only used the account once! These scammers are too much. Anyway, I haven't the time to take language courses now, I can only narrowly focus on my required work. However, I have a passing fancy for Portuguese and am okay at reading it, but damnet if those freakin nasals don't kill me!!! AND the fact that their pronounciations are totally different than Spanish it is nuts! So I think this site Fonetiks will be quite beneficial and thanks for sharing this resource!

Anonymous said...

Well, you seem pretty busy already--work, school, blog, life. I can understand why you don't take language classes. My Portuguese pronunciation is awful. And the fact that I can barely speak it at this point makes it worse. Actually, if you went to Brazil, I wouldn't be surprised if people thought you were from there.