Someone sent me the Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Writing:

10. The phone rang.
9. My favorite show is on T.V.
8. I’m behind with my e-mails.
7. I’m waiting for my friend to give me the latest edits.
6. I just got my 43rd rejection slip and am consoling myself with chocolate and/or beer.
5. My kids needs: a ride; a meal; to be pick-ed up, to help me do their homework.
4. What I wrote yesterday is iguana!
3. My muse has abandoned me.
2. I can’t think of anything NEW to write about.
And the number ONE reason to avoid writing…The words just don’t flow anymore, it’s too much work.

John Banas added these excuses:

I am trying to avoid Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
I need to look for a job
Mortal fear of being rejected
I have NO IDEA where my story is going next
Playing on the internet is more fun
I can’t get Don’t Worry, Be Happy out of my head!
The Boss is looking…
I cand tipe welk…
I keep getting more email that I JUST HAVE to respond to…
All those voices in my head won’t SHUT UP AND GIVE ME A MOMENT’S PEACE!!!!!
I’m too busy coming up with top ten lists

This is my rationalization: I'm so tired and have a weird work schedule, and I'm still getting used to the "new" life that I'm transitioning into to try to settle down and attempt to work on stories that nobody cares about. After all, I just got a rejection from a place that I thought would be a good fit. :(

But I doubt this drought will last much longer, unless some cool stuff develops in the radio world. Not that anything is really developing, other than a possible subbing opportunity towards the end of next month. If it's definite, I'll post the link here so that people can listen online.

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