Desperate liar

What is wrong with this guy? Here's a summary:

This 36-year-old claims he went from being an outsider at his suburban Michigan high school to being a drug abuser and criminal as a young adult. According to his memoir, "A Million Little Pieces," he struggled with the death of a friend, went through rehab and found the strength inside himself to overcome his weaknesses and leave the bad behind. Oprah picked his book for her on-air reading group, making "A Million Little Pieces" a multimillion-dollar seller.

However, The Smoking Gun "counters Frey's literary claims of extended jail terms and outlaw behavior. They also accuse Frey of making up relationships with people in high school and placing himself at scenes he wasn't present for. The Web site suggests that interactions, such as fights with police and drug busts, were wholly made up."

WHY? Is he that money-hungry and desperate to be such a phony? Look at all the proof. Really sickening. The story speaks for itself, what more commentary is there to offer? It's obviously unethical. If he wanted to do something dramatic, he should have written fiction! I'm sure there are a lot of people bothered by this, especially those who have written honest non-fiction and fiction that is truly fictional. But who cares--Oprah doesn't, and that's all that matters.

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