Too happy?

I haven't written any fiction since Nanowrimo. The same thing happened to me last time I did Nanowrimo, but that was because I was sick of trying to make my dream come true, and I was too despondent to keep trying after the frantic month was over. This time around it's because I've been too excited lately about the possibilities in the world of media.

Don't get me wrong: there's no on-air stuff in the works, but the radio thing is a totally new field for me. And, best of all, my boss is incredibly nice and cool and trusts me! It's unbelievable. I've barely started, and he assumes I have the ability and the brains to be able to handle whatever is thrown my way, and he's encouraged me to learn as much as I can about various aspects of the biz. Sometimes I can't believe this is life, because I've certainly been in less-than-stellar circumstances in the past, and sometimes I wonder if someone is going to come along and pull the scenery away and say, "Just joking. Now back to dismal reality."

So I'm wondering if it's easier to write creatively when life isn't so peachy, because I'm sort of too happy and hyper to sit down and ponder and try to pull stuff out of me, from deep inside. That's usually an area I reserve for time to be free, but with a cool situation, I feel pretty free already.


Anonymous said...

I find I'm the most productive when I'm hyperstressed. But when it comes to creativity, well, 1970s pop culture icons would know how to answer that! (i suggest nothing)

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't get the reference. Unless you're talking about ingesting certain items that were quite popular in the late 60's and 70's.

Anonymous said...

yes, that's what i meant. but it was completely in gest. for if the mozarts, beethovens, monets and de vinicis of the world were all high... well... we'd have a completely different perspective on art, n'est-ce pas? maybe what you need to do, mj, is appreciate the talents that you do possess and embrace them. no self doubt. believe in what you can do and autocreate your own inspiration. now if only i could take my own advice!

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha--I can tell you're still in school ;)

I love writing, it's the other stuff that goes with it that I don't like.