I'm going to volunteer for something interesting and helpful at The Chicago Lighthouse: Chicagoland Radio Information Service (CRIS), which "is Chicago's only radio reading service for the blind and physically handicapped. Broadcasting on a sub-carrier channel of WBEZ-FM, CRIS utilizes hundreds of volunteers to provide verbatim readings of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and many more newspapers and magazines."

Actually, I'm going to be reading comic strips and columns on the air next week. Imagine trying to describe a comic strip to someone who can't see, and then doing the dialog. It should be interesting. And a lot of people need this service: "Some 40,000 people a day who can't see to read or can't hold a newspaper listen to Chicago, suburban, state and national news, plus sports, features, ads and special programming, on CRIS. They need a special radio that can pick up a subfrequency of FM."

I guess the funding for Internet streaming isn't there right now, but they might put the broadcast online again, so my voice will go from the subfrequency station in Chicagoland to the world, if they can get it up and running some day.

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