[unintentionally?] funny blog

I don't know if this chick means to be funny, but her blog Theidlereceptionist is, perhaps unknowingly and non-self-consciously. Maybe it's because I've done receptionist stuff, and I've heard complaints from receptionists about disappearing pens, though not as funny as hers:

Some of you may remember my previous posts on pens and their importance to me. Namely that people shouldn't STEAL them from my desk.

Some may even remember how I took the time to affix small WARNING LABELS to each of my new Pentel RSVP pens that say "Please don't steal me!"

Lateley I've been noticing my RSVP pen count depleting from it's original menagerie of 6 pens to a paltry 3.

"Ugh. Who even cares anymore? My LABELED pens even get stolen. Screw it."

At least that was my thinking until I saw a co-worker (slightly my superior) WITH ONE OF MY PENS. AND SHE TOOK THE LABEL OFF.

And here's something else that receptionists can relate to around this time of year: "I am back at work. So is everyone that had the last two weeks off. And they all feel the need to greet me with a, 'Happy New Year!' preface before whatever it is they came up/called to say in the first place."

It's a part of her complainy post, which also has a funny line below this confounding New Year's picture: "So there you have it. Chickens in front of some tree surrounded in...mustard? Lemonade?"

What adds to the humor is that the chickens also look confused as to what their purpose is, so it reinforces what she said. I doubt she planned it that way, but a clever humorous writer would do that.

Even her use of the word "complainy" is cutely funny. I've never heard that expression.

You know when something is funny when you can't help but laugh out loud, and this is one of those cases. Maybe because she's being blunt and free with her thoughts, or maybe it's the random collection of posts, but it's just really funny (except for some of the vulgar-type stuff). She also has not been to college, so her writing isn't forced or precious. Sometimes blogs are written well, but they lack personality because the person's academic writing has influenced their other writing. Or they're trying too hard to be entertaining, and it just sounds fake.

But she could be the real deal. Or she could be a good writer who is able to adopt a seemingly authentic voice. It's probably the former, but I have no idea.

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