American Culture Quiz posted

I have created an American Culture Quiz, based on questions that non-Americans have asked me. I am working on Part 2 of the quiz, so if you have any questions about American culture, or know anyone who does, please let me know. My email address is in my profile, or you can post a comment here.

And if you are American and would like the world to know certain things about our culture, I can include that, too.


Anonymous said...

I should have phrased 6 differently. It was based on an email I got from someone, asking me if it's true that American guys EXPECT sex if they're paying for dinner-- i.e., he pays, so you're obligated to sleep with him. Plus, there are many people throughout the world who assume that American women will jump into bed with anyone. Ask American women who have traveled--they're groped and offered camels and salivated over for a reason--an easy target.

9 was based on another question I got. When people first start a job, it's usually presumptious to ask if they can make a personal call. Or maybe I should change the options.

Anonymous said...

Thanks--I've made the changes, so hopefully it's more clear.