Quiz answers

Here are the answers for the Thanksgiving quiz:

1. False - It was in the early 1620's.

2. False - It was three days.

3. True. See the turkey post.

4. False - They only brought chests and boxes.

5. True - They ended up in Massachusetts because they couldn't get to Virginia.

6. False - Many were poor farmers with little education.

7. True.

8. True - Buckles weren't popular until the 17th century.

9. True - They were Puritans who separated from the Church of England.

10. False.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Looks like we should brush up on a wee bit of holiday history!

Happy Turkey Day and bon appetit.

Mad Minerva

Anonymous said...

I think if people can answer these 10 questions, they already know more than other Americans.