John Kass, who's a brave columnist for the Chicago Tribune, needs translation help:

I need your expertise in translating three frightening wordlike sounds uttered by Mayor Richard Daley on Tuesday..."Djez-djez-djez!"

What? Is it some ancient curse? Something like "Rosebud"? Or is it merely the sound of a broken record?

...Some of you know that I speak at least two languages: English and Soutside. I'm also quite fluent in several Soutsidian dialects, including Bridgeport, Stickney and a smattering of Homer Township. But never have I heard anyone say, "Djez-djez-djez!" in anger.

...So please, wise and learned readers, you must translate. Send your translations to me. One of you may have the Daley Rosetta Stone. Please advise.

Well, I can't help him. But if you can, feel free to contact him. You don't need to speak Soutside--he speaks standard English very well.

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