Online Multilingual Bible

This is very cool! It's a multilingual Bible--you can look up a verse in four different languages at the same time! Check out the Unbound Bible.

It's unfortunate, though, that there's no Japanese, and there's only one version of Portuguese. It would be nice to have access to more modern Portuguese. But we can't have everything--I should be grateful for all the hard work they did to put it together, and all the time it took. Serious linguistic nerdiness abounds over there.

(Thanks to the Honorable Language Hat)


Anonymous said...

Wow, cool!

What a great linguistic resource.

The last time I saw a multilingual Bible was a trilingual one in Taipei -- Mandarin Chinese, English, and Greek. And I'd thought *that* was great.

(Believe it or not, there is a very large Christian bookstore there, and it's been in business for decades: China Sunday School Association No. 105 Sec 2 Chung Shan N Rd 104, Taipei, Taiwan. It's got stuff in all sorts of languages).

Mad Minerva

Anonymous said...

I believe it--wasn't a President or another high-up guy a Christian? And they do have religious freedom there, so hey, they might as well allow Christianity, unlike some ivy-draped areas.