Where I'm headed

Here's an idea of what I have to deal with before I take the Japanese Proficiency Test (a bit of advice from an excellent study guide):

APPENDIX 2: Grammar structures that have appeared more than three times on the 2kyuu test:

kara to itte, arinagara, no sei de, okagede, ni taishite, o megutte, dake atte

…tokorode, sae, ireba, uchi ni, to itte, you ni, tame ni, kara to itte, ni kanshite wa, wake ni wa ikenai, toshitara, dakara to itte, ni hanshite, no sei ka

toshite, kara ni wa, wake, …zu ni (eg. shirazu ni), nagara mo, …mo…nara,…mo…da

toshite mo, dokoro ka, nai koto ni wa, koto ni wa, dake atte, toshite mo

You should also know mono vs. koto vs. wake (and all their various forms like kotonara vs. mononara, koto vs. koto da, etc) cold.

It looks goofy, but it's serious. I've already studied some today, and my mind is in knots from all the sample sentences.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 29 05

Good luck on the exam MJ:) I really like the resources you have been highlighting lately too:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks--if nothing else, it will at least be a good experience, and I can take it again if I don't pass. It's not like it's going to determine my professional or educational fate.

Thanks for your encouragement with this blog and other stuff. :)