I can barely think straight. I've just spewed 50,000 words of make-believe in one month. Now I've got the more serious stuff to take care of.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 01 05

Congratulations on your authorship (I think that is a word but I dunno;). I saw DM about tweleve years ago. They had the best effects and OMG I LOVED IT!!! The group "THE THE" opened up for them and I loved that because The Smiths and Morrissey used to be among my favorite musicians. Cheers to living life! I have been working on a short story inspired by my sisters lost lovebird. More power to you:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I would have loved to see The The with DP. The opening band was good (The Raveonettes), but I know The The's music and would've liked to see them live.