Writing that seems hard

I've been watching Inspector Lewis, and it's such good quality (in addition to other Mystery shows), I can't help but wonder: how the heck do they write this stuff? They probably structure the episodes like plays (in acts), but beyond that, how do they create at that level?

Unfortunately, many people don't care about such refined quality, so these types of shows aren't plentiful and we have to sift through the junk to find gems. But I still wouldn't mind learning how to write like that, or at least spend the time trying to develop such a skill. Or have the patience to work on it.


Lilly said...

Hmm...sounds interesting! I've not (as far as I recall) come across this series on any of the channels I have access to here. However, I will look out for it (though the telly is hardly ever on!).... the Brits do know how to make a damn good tv-series! ;-)

Margaret Larkin said...

I'm sure there are plenty of trashy British shows, but PBS here tends to get the better quality stuff.

Lilly said...

Ha ha :-) Aye, I agree! Even the Brits do know how to produce shite tv!