Japanese with Mexican

I just did something quite nerdy: after my Japanese class, I went to a Mexican restaurant with a couple of very smart fellow students, and one of them said we should speak Japanese. So for most of our time there, we did that, until I realized that one of them wasn't paying attention to my badly spoken reflections. So we switched to English towards the end. But it was really nifty to be Japanese-speaking Americans in a Mexican restaurant. At least we got some practice, since I don't get many chances to speak.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite juxtapositional memories is staying out all night partying in Mexico and ending up in a Japanese restaurant owned by a Romanian. At 2 or 3 or something we were all hungry and he said come on over. He unlocked the place, cranked up the grill and made us Japanese cuisine.

Margaret Larkin said...

That is very cool--and cosmopolitan :D