The type of show I wouldn't mind doing

This was on a while ago, but I only saw one episode, and I'm catching the rest of it now: Do You Speak American. It's a documentary about American English, where Robert MacNeil (who I'd describe as a "gentleman journalist" because he's been able to live a civilized media life) travels around the country and talks to people about American dialects and accents. It's the kind of show I wouldn't mind being involved with, but I'm quite far away from those types of media gigs (though I enjoy mine).


Lilly said...

Oh! How I would love to watch this show! I cannot tell one American dialect from another -- well, ok, I mean, I CAN tell if someone is from the South or from Texas like. But that's about it. It's somewhat different when it comes to the different British accents. I guess it's because I have lived in Britain for many years and am married to a Brit.

Also: to me American English is a bit of a...hmm...not sure how to put it. I suppose I am an advocate of what might be labelled "British English". I prefer -se to -ze; I like colour and favour to be spelled with a 'u', etc. I do not mean to offend anyone, but during my daily work I come across so many people who mix the two when they write in English. That really annoys me.

Speaking of which...I really ought to get back to work! ;-)

Margaret Larkin said...

If you lived in the US for a while, you'd be able to discern the different types of accents. Remember, we're speaking the spin-off, colonial English--simplified from the Mother British Tongue :) Which is why you're probably not impressed with it as much as what the Brits say :D