Could the stereotypes be true?

Here's a revealing blog post by a successful Asian guy: The abused has become the Abuser. Here's an excerpt (the English is in its natural state, ie, I didn't want to correct it):

Enough of being the Know-It-All, Straight A student and basically carried the full weight of the team by doing all the work.

I have become the typical white Americans who abused their poor asian classmates that eager to show off their better than average number crunching ability to solve difficult problems.

It’s actually pretty easy and I’m amazed why I didn’t pick this role sooner. It’d have saved me so much time.

So this morning, I came to a group meeting, not ready, half asleep, and have no idea whatsoever for whatever we had to do.

Of course, then my one Asian classmate who obviously has studied diligently in the past week, has come and prepared all the answers and I happily accepted his explanation.

That's just a part of the story. I wonder if anyone else read this and thought about the stereotypes in it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you can limit this to Asians. I think there is often a smart kid or two in group projects who end up doing all of the work. The writer does bring up a good point though: it doesn't seem to make any sense to work when someone else will do it for you. This is a very selfish attitude, no matter where we are from, but it is definitely prevalent.

Margaret Larkin said...

Yeah, it's not just Asians who do that. But that post was honest and interesting, which was why I mentioned it here :D