What Chinese speakers say

Someone from China gave me the following list of "Common Mistakes from Chinese Speakers." I have no idea where he got it--it could have been from a Chinese site.

It was so late there was no taxi.

Your coat is broken.

Let me help you to do your work.

Susan didn't make a fault anyway.

He becomes better.

I recommend you to take a long vacation.

It was still bright outside.

Wait here, please, I'll come back in a minute.

I am uncomfortable.

Some of these mistakes are more subtle than the usual mistakes that English-learners make (even when native speakers write!), but it's a good activity to do in a class, if you're only teaching Chinese people.


Anonymous said...

I would be grateful if you could elaborate on these mistakes. I'm not a native speaker, so I can't grasp subtle mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Michal - and I AM a native speaker. The last 3 examples look fine to me.

Anonymous said...

That's why they seem to be subtle mistakes. I'll write the "correct" sentences later today--during my lunch or whatever. Unfortunately, I woke up too late today to do a decent post before I left for work.