Keep House alive

I had to drive home very late tonight, and instead of listening to talk radio or commercial music stations, I decided to listen to Streetbeat, which is a part of WNUR (Northwestern University's radio station). If you're in Chicago, it's 89.3 FM, but you can also listen online.

Since our inception in the late 80s, our foremost goal has been to play the most forward-thinking, cutting-edge, underground dance and hip-hop cuts the world has to offer. We have programming on the station six nights a week covering material from industrial to progressive, hip-hop to tech house.

From the beginnings of house music in Chicago, WNUR has brought to the airwaves a side of dance music that doesn't get exposure elsewhere on the dial, in the clubs, or even in the party scene...Our present mission is to provide Chicago and the world with a source of consistently good underground electronic/dance music in all its variety, both new and old, whether local or imported.

As my profile states, I like House Music, especially Deep House. I wish it was more popular than Hip Hop because it's hard to find stations that play it, and even clubs and other public places tend to be hip hop-oriented. Actually, hip hop pervades much of our society, so we're lucky that we can get any House at all. And the sad irony is that Chicago is the birthplace of House, but it's hard to find. I hope House doesn't die!


Anonymous said...

House as in Tiesto? Recommend something to me. I'm *up to here* with my iPod selection. If I hear Madonna one more time!

Anonymous said...

House music is usually in clubs. Actually, I don't know Tiesto. House sounds different than trance or techno or ambient, which are totally synth-sounding and repetitive and sometimes frantic. House has more of an R&B style but not the same beat as Hip Hop and not skanky. You can get House via ITunes radio stations, or listen to WNUR online--they have a schedule at their site.

Anonymous said...

House is so very much alive and it is more then just music. It is respect, support and love for each other. From the Classics to the brandnew, house is in movement.
Tune into www.prepartyradio.com to experience the house feeling.
Much Love

Margaret Larkin said...

I just listened to some of the music at the site, and that's some serious old school going on.