Racism internationalized

I'm not a politically-correct type, so I'm not blogging about it for that reason. I'm mentioning it here because it's quite disturbing and wrong.

This is a true story, but I won't use place or people names:

I know someone who works at a hostel, and they were checking in someone from Asia. They gave the person a key to the room, and soon after the person came back to the desk.

They asked, "Is there someone else in my room?"
The hostel worker said, "Yes--you registered for a dorm room, so there's someone else in there."
The guest asked, "Is the person black?"
Hostel worker: "I don't know, and who cares?"
Guest: "I don't want to stay in a room with a black person."
Worker: "I have no idea if they're black, and it doesn't matter if they are!"
Guest: "Then I want to check out. I can't stay in a room with a black person."

So the guest returned the key and left the hostel because of the possibility that the other person in the room might be black! Like I said, this really happened, and it was so shocking, I had to post it here.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 09 06

My God MJ:
I don't know what I would have done if I witnessed that garbage. You are certainly self composed. And I am so very saddened that ANYONE holds such beliefs (in this day and age). Even deeper, you say the person was from Asia? So the assumption is that they are a person of color. Hell even if they weren't that is just plain wrong. I hope you took a long hot shower to remove the foulness from that experience!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't there--my friend told me about it after it happened because they were so dumbfounded that someone would say such a thing! I was shocked!