70 miles

Today I have to travel 70 miles for work. I'm going to DeKalb, Illinois for an event. This is definitely the farthest I've had to drive for a job. I hope I make it. I wanted to go because I've never been to DeKalb before, but 70 miles is a long way to drive.

In other news, I did a presentation yesterday, and I learned an important lesson: Know Your Audience. I assumed people knew nothing about my topic, but I guess some did, from the looks of the evaluations I got. Most of the people thought it was decent, but there were a few who thought it was useless. So if I ever do a presentation again, I'm going to find out who my audience is, what they know, and what they expect.

Maybe my next presentation will be media-related since it seems that's where I'm headed professionally. If something develops at another radio station, then I will have successfully made the transition into a new career. But I won't know until the next couple of weeks. If it doesn't work out, then I have other options, I'm sure.

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