Got it :)

I did a post before about how I wanted this book, 海外のビジネスマナー (Kaigai no Bijinesu Manaa). It gives information about business practices and cultures throughout the world, sort of like intercultural training.

Well, when I was in the Japanese store yesterday, I couldn't resist, especially because someone gave me a financial gift. Too bad it's going to take me eons to read it, since I don't know all the kanji or vocabulary in it. But it's a good way to learn Japanese because reading content that is interesting and enjoyable makes language learning easier. Now all I've got to do is practice more language-learning discipline. My schedule has been quite wacky lately.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 15 06

Word up? That is so very cool!!! I honestly believe that the best way to learn something is to immerse yourself in it and reading is the best way to do it. I was working on my Spanish for a little bit and read some of the Wikipedia pages in Spanish and Catalan. Particle physics makes more sense in Latin languages! And I wonder if the way information is laid out in your 海外のビジネスマナー Book will lend itself to easier analysis. I am always interested in what other cultures say about handling business.

Unfortunately, I am totally illiterate in any characters except English letters! Best wishes and I can't wait to see if you like it:) Have a good day:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I had to translate French today so I couldn't get into Japanese, but maybe tomorrow I'll look more carefully at the book. Actually, I have more French to translate, but I'm almost done. :)