Weird fortune

I went to an Asian restaurant and had the requisite fortune cookie. My husband had a normal fortune: "You will be successful in your career." That makes total sense and is clearly encouraging. It's a good fortune to have.

But my fortune was confounding, and I still don't get it, even after reading it several times: "The smart thing to do is not be your self."


(This is the second post made with a Japanese template and dashboard. Now I will press the Japanese button to publish this.)


Anonymous said...

Well, MJ, they always say that if you want your fortune to take on an entertaining twist, you need only add 'in bed' at the end of.

PS, I'm still reading you these days. Not much time for posting, but reading nonetheless. I loved the picture of Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't get your comment "you need only add 'in bed' at the end of."

Thanks for reading. I read blogs, but I don't always have time to post either. Such as today (Thursday)--I got home after midnight, so now it's technically Friday.

Anonymous said...

Oh MJ, do I really have to explain this to you?

Your fortune + in bed

= The smart thing to do is not be yourself + in bed.

My God. I feel like a ridiculous, pimple-faced 13 year old for acutally making a comment about this joke.

Oh well. Maybe now you'll laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't get what you were saying cuz you said "in bed at the end of." It sounded like your sentence wasn't completed, like something had to come after "of."

Also, it was after midnight and I was totally tired. And I'm still tired: I had to wake up at 5 AM yesterday and today.