I said before that I was reading Jane Fonda's memoir. The first part, which was about her early life, was interesting but screwed up. I kept an open mind when I got to her political section because she seemed reflective about her early life and the mistakes she made. So I assumed she would be similar as she talked about her trip to North Vietnam. Through her description of her trip there, I saw that she was totally used. After all, she was a rich American celebrity who was telling the US military via the radio to not fight, and she only visited the Soviet-backed north. They must have been salivating at all the media opportunities they'd have with her to help them spread their message. And she fell for it, and she still does! She even said that the POW's she met with were healthy and were really speaking from their hearts when they were talking against their own country.

There's so much more I read that pissed me off, that I can't write about it without losing my cool. So all I'll say is: what an idiot!

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