Good radio

I'm sure a lot of people know about this station already because it's on iTunes, but it's really worth a mention because they play interesting music which you can't hear elsewhere (or most places): Radio Paradise.

Each hour of music is carefully blended together to flow smoothly between different musical styles & genres - just like real DJs used to do on FM. We don't use the computer-generated playlists or "carefully researched music libraries" that have sucked the soul out of FM radio - and we never just throw songs together at random the way many web stations do.

They also have a really cool visitors map. Actually, after I wrote that, I noticed that they called it "very cool" too. You can see worldwide listener stats and locations on the homepage (scroll down to RP Web Visitors World Map). It's really cool to see how many people are visiting from throughout the world. There I go again--"really cool". But it is.

I can't believe the site has so many features and they've been able to set up the online broadcasting so smoothly. Seriously brainy and talented people over there.

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