Sometimes I see a sign outside a restaurant that says "Charhouse." What is that? I'm wondering if it's a midwestern thing, because when I did a search for it online, a bunch of Illinois restaurants popped up.

There's a pitiful sign on my way to work that says "Charhouse", but it's in disrepair and is a putrid yellow and brown. The sign says they're remodeling, so that announcement along with the sickening style implies that Charhouse is a disgusting word.

Well, not really, but it doesn't conjure up images of refinement and beauty. I've never been to a Charhouse, but maybe I should check one out. I'm sure there's lots of flaming meat there and greasy potatoes.


Jon Konrath said...

It sounds like some Midwestern branding strategy to jump in on the whole neo-southern BBQ old-country-style craze. Cover your dining room with wood to look like a log cabin, and they will come.

mj said...

Good description! And you should know since you're from the midwest. Thanks for providing some clarity to this weirdness!