Only moons

I had to wake up again at a crazy hour, but this is the earliest ever: 2:30 AM! That's 2:30 in the morning! I actually set my alarm for 2:45, but miraculously woke up early, so I had a normal morning, even cleaned up and took care of the dishes.

One thing I notice is that when you have to check the weather in the middle of the night/early in the morning (before dawn), instead of having a set of suns on the TV, they have only moons. They'll have a map with the current temperatures in various towns and suburbs, and each number is topped with a moon. That's weird. Usually you'll see full suns or partial suns, but even if there are clouds in the picture, at least there is a bunch of yellow in the map instead of white and gray.

Another strange thing: when they say it's partly cloudy, but it's totally dark and there are only moons shown with that information. Unless you're flying a plane, does it really matter if you know that it's cloudy at all when there's no sunlight or even a sliver of sun? At three in the morning, I could care less if it's party cloudy--I just want to know if it's raining or not to determine if I can open my windows.

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