Reading Fonda

Okay, I have joined the multitudes to read Jane Fonda's memoir. I think I've only seen one of her movies and really haven't followed her throughout her career, but after seeing Larry King interview her, both she and the book seemed interesting because she seemed to be reflecting honestly about her life.

And that's what the book is: detailed and honest. And it's cool to read about the struggles and triumphs of a rich, famous person, because, well, I'm neither of those and have never hung out with anyone like that, either. So even if you're not into her, you should read this book because it's both entertaining and interesting.

I don't think I'm duped in believing this, but she seems sincere and it was that sincerity that made me curious about her writing. She's a good writer too, unless she used a ghostwriter. But she went to good schools and is well-spoken, so I'm sure she knows how to write. Besides, she had an editor who was probably thrilled to help her out. And think of the big bucks the publisher made.

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