Lucky and sad

I was reading a bio of a well-known Chicago radio (music) host, in which he said that he landed his dream job at age 22: "You wanted something, you worked for it, and you achieved it. Life doesn't always go that way. I was extremely lucky."

Yes, he *was* lucky! How many people not only know what they're going to do at such a young age, but also achieve it? Rare indeed!

But his situation didn't remain idyllic:

I stayed at WXRT for 21 yrs. I loved doing radio there for most of the time. The last 3 or 4 years weren't much fun. It had become a corporate radio station and I became expendable. In that world, the concerns of the bottom line are more important than human connections. Connections that have a 20 year history matter not to the CEO's looking to raise the stock price and continue receiving their year-end bonus. Oh the inhumanity.

That's sad! But at least he's got a good gig at a new station. So I guess he's still lucky!

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