PC madness?

Brainy Mad Minerva sent me an article about Spanish groups saying

...that definitions relating to them in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy are outdated and demeaning. Their complaints have created a heated dispute with the compilers of the latest version of the Diccionario de la Real Academia EspaƱola — equivalent to the Oxford English Dictionary — who have dismissed the concerns as political correctness gone mad.

Is that true? Here's what offends them:

Sinagoga (synagogue) A meeting for illicit ends

Gitano (Gypsy) One who practices deceit or who tricks

Marica (ladybird or slang for gay man) Effeminate, weak man

Ajamonarse (to become like a ham) Used to describe how pregnant women increase in size

Gallego (Galician) Dumb, stupid or deaf, in Costa Rica and El Salvador

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