Luxury withdrawal

Jane Fonda mentioned an interesting phrase in her memoir (which I've thankfully finished): luxurium tremens. She said that James Taylor created it, meaning "the sudden loss of luxury." I suppose it's a spinoff of "delirium tremens" or DT's, which is what people experience after alcohol withdrawal.

Unfortunately, there's nothing about it online, so this will be the first instance of it. But that shouldn't be--if he indeed did invent that phrase, then it should be somewhere.

Well, I will never suffer from it because I don't live in even a sliver of the type of luxury that rich people such as Ted Turner have. But then again, compared to the typical poverty-striken third-world inhabitant, I *am* living in luxury.


Mad Minerva said...

Luxury withdrawal for the super-rich? Boo freaking hoo.

It's like wealthy celebrity activists for the environment who zip around the world on their private jets. Have they any idea how many more carbon dioxide emissions are given off by such things? But of course they're too posh to take economy airfare seats like the rest of the masses, although it's our living habits they're criticizing.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, let's see...wealthy celebrity environmentalists...Ted Turner! Not just the CO2 emissions--do you know how much gas they're using up? And they don't want drilling here!