Unnecessary proofreading

Okay, I'm a bit perturbed about a translation I did about the German band Kraftwerk. I was very excited about it last year when it was finally posted at a fan site, but then it was edited by someone whose native language is not English. So now what you see is an abridged version, which has mistakes, which means I have to proofread it. I already spent a lot of time translating the 6000-plus word text from Portuguese, only to see the fruits of my labor chopped down.

The original translation was here (but I had to take it down), and the original Portuguese text is no longer available online. Pity, because it was well-written and informative (if you could read Portuguese).


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

05 30 06

Too bad that the Portugeuse version isn't available anymore. That would've been interesting to see. I LOVE the Band Kraftwerk; have listened to them for years. Sorry about the frustration. But maybe the second go around, you will have learned something new? Best wishes. I hate having to redo something I have worked hard on. Geesh!

Anonymous said...

I don't even have the Portuguese version on my computer--I assumed that it would be online indefinitely. If I'd known they'd yank it, I would've kept it.

Did you see Kraftwerk when they last toured (a couple years ago)?