Retrospectively campy

Last summer, I complained about the loss of the Sci-Fi Channel on regular cable because I had been watching Stargate SG-1 for a while. Luckily, I was obsessed enough to tape all the reruns they played on Monday, so I would watch those throughout the week before they played the newest episodes on Fridays. Even though the series was getting weird and wacky, I still had to see it. And I saw all the episodes before they yanked the channel, so my "hard work" paid off.

Well, today I saw an episode on broadcast TV (they're a couple of seasons behind the Sci-Fi Channel), and thought, "Wow, that's a weird and campy show." I remember when I first saw the series--I thought it was odd and cartoony. But eventually, thanks to all those successive reruns on cable, I grew to like it until I couldn't go a week without ingesting it.

Now that I've been away from it for several months, I can better see the loopiness of it. Was I really that into it? Why? It's sort of like seeing someone you used to be infatuated with and wondering, "What did I ever see in them?"

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