Orny's jury duty

I'm on Orny Adams' email list, and he sent a post from his blog which used to take so long to load, I rarely attempted to go there. Now it seems like he's cleaned it up for easier loading--there used to be video clips and pictures and too much there to load, unless you had a souped-up PC.

Anyway, the post he sent to his email list was about his experience in jury duty, and the funniest part was "an actual excerpt from 9 hours of conversation that riveted me":

CUTE GIRL #1: I’m from New England. We have the best seafood in the world.

CUTE GIRL #2: (confused) I thought Maine has the best lobster?

CUTE GIRL #1: Maine is in New England. (condescendingly) You need to learn your geometry.

Which makes me want to take notes of the conversations around me and post them here as well (nothing incriminating, of course).

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