House site

Just when I was thinking of digitally converting my friend's vinyl from his spinning days in order to create a House Music podcast, someone told me about the Deep House Page. It has over a thousand mixes that you can download. I definitely want to explore it and burn some cd's. I need to, because I've been listening to Depeche Mode over and over again. For some reason, it's helping me write--I listen to it, and it helps set the mood, and I keep those sensations in mind when I'm writing about characters who don't represent me, but a part of me.

When I was writing another story, I kept listening to Coldplay because they had an international, mellow backpacker sound. I'm sure I'll return to those discs when I "return" to Thailand (in my mind) because I still want to publish a story that takes place there. For some reason, I haven't wanted to do a story that takes place in Japan, even though I know it a lot better than Thailand or Brazil. Maybe one day I will.

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