Okay, I have really OD'd on Depeche Mode. I've been listening to their best-of CD over and over again (someone loaned it to me before I went to the concert last year).

It's a two-disc set, but I've listened to the first disc a few times a day for the last few weeks. Late last week, as that first disc was wrapping up the last song, I was getting ready to play it again, when a voice said, "Don't do it." Well, it wasn't really a voice, but my own addicted mind, because I'd had enough! It was as if I'd eaten too much chocolate--sometimes too much of a good thing (or your favorite thing) can be bad--and can make you sick!

As I've said before, that music has helped me write. Today I listened to a few songs from the second disc, probably because I’ve been experiencing “withdrawal.” But I really can’t return to that first disc for a while.

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