Okay, I'm going to be very nitpicky and uber-analytical about this, but it sort of bothers me: when people say "hunderd" instead of "hundred."

This is how it's spelled: h-u-n-d-r-e-d. And that's how I pronounce it, and am starting to think that others should too. It doesn't sound "good" when people say "hunderd." It's not a herd of hunds, it's a number!

Especially when I hear it in radio ads--the guy will give the phone number, as in "222-58 hundERD" and all I can focus on is his oddball pronunciation. I want to call the number to not order anything, but to complain and correct him.

Even the dictionary agrees with me: the audio file says that it's hunDRED! (Though they write that the pronunciation is h&n-dr&d AND -d&rd. I'm assuming the second notation is for that annoying pronunciation.)

I hope I haven't stepped on any toes, but I just had to share my indignation, especially when people pronounce it "derd" in the media!


Anonymous said...

Guilty! But I did a little test on myself. I think I only say 'hunderd' when I say 'a hundered'. But then I resort to the correct form when I say 'one hundred'. Maybe it's a pragmatic/register thing?

BTW, MJ, have you seen the site Common Errors in English Usage? I found a little blurb on the envious/jealous thing. Look under 'E'.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you say "hunderd" because I didn't know Canadians say that. To me, it's an American (even Southern?) thing.

Yeah, I've come across that errors site before. I'm glad he distinguished those two misunderstood words.