Linguistics & Language had a guest blogger who talked about the blend of Malay and English called "Manglish". Here are some examples:

“Why you so likedat wan?” - Why are you like that?

“I dunwan to talk you anymore.” - I am not going to talk to you anymore.

“You say correct anot?” - Do you agree with me?

“Die-die I oso want.” - No matter what, I also want (something).

But most significant is our ‘lah‘. We use lah to emphasise our point.

Come lah!
Let’s go lah!
Eat lah!

She uses also uses Manglish at her blog.

There are a lot of such blendings throughout the world, including Spanglish here in Chicago, and Japlish, which my friends and I dabbled in when we were in Japan--the mixture is hard to avoid the longer you're exposed to more than one language.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like something Zydigo would say...

Very Cajun, lah?

-- Some Corporate type from a major Airline

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure...um, who's dat?

Anonymous said...

Je suis totally biaisé, because I'll always aimer mieux le franglais :)

MJ! Nice to read you. I've been busy busy, not too busy to keep up to date with your comments on my blog. Thanks!

As for your future visit to T.O., you just let me know when and I'll meet up with you. After all, I love to make fun of Americans face to face (just kidding!!)

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Thanks for stopping by--hope you're enjoying your new job.

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Enjoying it so much that I quite--yesterday! Another job found me, with a much bigger paycheck. I hope it's for the best. Cross your fingers!

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GREAT! Congrats!