Garrett Wang seems cool

I highly recommend listening to the interview with Garrett Wang. It's a podcast, and the interview isn't at the beginning of it--it starts around a quarter of the way in.

It's interesting to hear about his background, and his impressions of Hollywood and Voyager (which includes harsh opinions about producer Rick Berman and tidbits about Kate Mulgrew's negative reaction to the addition of Jeri Ryan).

The interview is long--a rarity in the media, which is why podcasts are sometimes better than other audio/video, and it allows you to really see what Garrett Wang is like: he seems interesting and fun!

I've posted a picture of what he looks like now, with another Trek actor I'd like to meet: Tim Russ.

If anyone wants to grant me a wish, it's that--and I think they'd think I was interesting, too :)


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 26 07

Tim Russ and Garett Wang?!!! Whoa! I must admit I like both of them. But I havta say that I liked Tuvok the best on Voyager and then Neelix! I reckon Cap'n Janeway was hating on Jeri Ryan back in the day! heheheh

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the interview, you will like Garrett Wang--he's sounds outgoing and funny and talented and interesting. I'm sure he's really cool! Tuvok was my fave--other than Leonard Nimoy, Tim Russ is the only person who can play a Vulcan right!

Janeway made Jeri Ryan's life a nightmare. Wang dreaded it when they were both supposed to be in scenes--you have to listen to the interview to find out about it.