Keep the Canadian accent!

I saw this letter in a media column:

Just when I thought it was safe to watch TV news again without having to cringe at Canadian accents and mispronunciations, Channel 7 hires Ravi Baichwal. I'm sure he is a nice guy, and I'm willing to give him three months. If he hasn't dropped the Canadian accent by then, I say we call it a day.

I disagree--I like Canadian accents!


Lilly said...

I love accents in general -- they add so much charme [and in some cases misunderstandings] to conversations -- I love how we may speak the same language but with such different cultural backgrounds, dialects and accents. Ahh :-)

I think Canadians' way of pronouncing certain wovel sounds in particular is ever so cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Agreed! I never broke it down like that--it's the way they say their vowels :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm Canadian and I don't get it-what do our accents sound like?

is there any way you can describe it to me?

Anonymous said...

Well, there's the obvious "aBOAT" (instead of about) and other similar pronunciations of the "o" sound. And the accent in general has a softness and "roundness" to it. I remember meeting people from Saskatchewan and Alberta who had cool accents.

I guess the easiest way to find out is to listen to Canadians talk and Americans talk. Americans (including myself) tend to sound more nasal.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I think I know where you're coming from. I have friends from Australia who say that I say 'about' like that..'aBOAT.' I guess even I can hear it sometimes.

I don't get where people hear the 'aBOOT' thing though. I've never heard ANY Canadian say it like that.

Anonymous said...

The aBOOT thing is just an exaggeration of the aBOAT thing--cuz it sounds so different and is the most prominent feature of the Canadian accent.

Another thing Canadians tend to say is "eh", like "It's a good idea, eh?" I think that's cool :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I saw 'eh' alot. Not after every sentence like the stereotype makes it out to be, but I guess it's just a habit.

Whenever I go down to America though, I tend to say it a heck of alot more...just to see what everyone'll say. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you say "America" instead of "The States."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess that's sort of a habit too.

Anonymous said...

If I had to give the Canadian accent a name, I'd call it articulation. Perhaps over-articulation at times. I always thought everyone liked vowels and r's. It's the whole French-Canadian spelling.
And the odd choice of words. In America I've learnt that nobody uses the words: keener, Newfie,pogey,rubbers,washroom,
chesterfield,or toque.
They don't eat Nanaimo bars, poutine, Smarties aren't the same. I went three hours south and felt like I was on a different continent.

Margaret Larkin said...

Americans don't say "learnt" either :D