Voting day

Tomorrow is our time to vote, and even though the choices aren't stellar, I have to remind myself of that trite idea that not all countries throughout the world allow voting. I've met people who are in their 40's who have never been able to vote in their entire lives. They have to become citizens of other nations in order to vote. Can you imagine never being allowed to vote or campaign for anyone, or say your political opinions, or post them online?

I'm going to vote, but I'm also going to do other election-related stuff: I'm helping a guy I haven't seen in a long time campaign for alderman (those elections are in February). Basically, Chicago is a kingdom, where Daley is our king, and the aldermen are his knights. So it's refreshing to meet people who aren't like that. The weird thing is that I found out he's running for alderman via an article about him hacking the Board of Elections website. I was very surprised to see his picture on the cover of the newspaper, and then hearing him being interviewed on the radio.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to help gather election returns and info for the news staff at a radio station--that should be incredibly fun. I did it for the primaries earlier this year, and had a great time.

So tomorrow is going to be a full day of election goodies. I just have to be sure to ingest enough caffeine.

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