Jon Konrath (great read) mentioned the word "eurotrash," which made me wonder what it exactly means. Sometimes I hear people use it, and never ask them why they're using it or what they're talking about.

I checked out the Urban Dictionary to see what people have said, and there are a lot of definitions over there.

Here are some blunt ones: "Pretentious, narcissistic, metrosexual Europeans" or "inept and often uneducated europeans who waste their families' money in exotic places that want nothing to do with them but need the money."

And a seemingly positive one: "ultra-urbane sophisticated inimitable style which others try to copy"

A friend of mine tends to agree with this definition: "A derivative of the phrase 'white trash,' Eurotrash refers to Europeans who have become subservient to low-end American cultural ideals."

So what does it mean, really?


Anonymous said...

This definition:

"Pretentious, narcissistic, metrosexual Europeans"

Is pretty much my usage. But I also use it to refer to "faux-Eurotrash" back in the states, i.e. Americans who have usually latched onto the whole Eurotrash vibe and now act as if they are
Europeans, possibly because they're in art school or something. You see a lot of that here.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are in the center of the cultural universe ;)

EuroTrashHollywood said...

I too read that because I wanted to use the definition in my new online clothing store EuroTrash Boutique, and I was extremely offended. Why so blunt? Jealousy possibly. Eurotrash is more of a style. A grungy rock style, much associated with thrash metal.