Madonna does not need any more publicity than she's already had for the past several years, and she doesn't need people to talk about her because she is already so insanely successful and rich, but I just have to mention her because I cannot get enough of her latest CD. Someone gave me a copy of it when I was in San Francisco. Amazing--I've heard it several times in just a few days. I think I'm addicted. It has excellent production and sound quality, an international style, it's deep, uplifting, fulfilling dance music. Not like the pimp and ho-laden stuff that hip hop offers. I like the sound of hip hop, but the lyrics are disgusting and the images are so sleazy and misogynistic. Madonna's latest stuff sounds empowered and positive.


Anonymous said...

Here' here. Shes still got it man, she'll never lose it and what people dont realise about the negative publicity she gets is that it just goes to make her more famous and drives her to do better. Madonna's albums/music are always cutting edge. A lot of people dont get it until its too late then they all jump on the band wagon. Madonna - We love you lass!


Anonymous said...

Yeah--she always keeps it fresh. I don't like some of her stuff or agree with some of it, but overall, she's good.