I spotted a new word that Language Hat (aka The Great One) used: blogovial. I'm posting it here for posterity, because it just might spread, and as of now, it's not anywhere else online. I guess it means that a blog exists, because he says, "the blogovial existence of..."

So a new word: blogovial.


Languagehat said...

I created it on the model of Blogovia, a term that (as far as I know) is original with me for blogdom conceived as a geographical realm: "Welcome to Blogovia!" or "Grand Kaimakam of Upper and Lower Blogovia."

Anonymous said...

Neato--and postworthy. :)

Anonymous said...

And how does 'Blogovia' differ from 'Blogosphere'?

I hate to sound like a snob, MJ, but I don't really like 'Blogovia.'

Anonymous said...

There's nothing snobby about not liking it--I was just recording its use here--feel free to like whatever word you want :)