Moving vocabulary

I found a site with lots of stuff going on, including daily Japanese-English quizzes.

They have really a cool feature: moving flashcards. There are two columns of words: on the right is Japanese and on the left is English. Just drag each Japanese word on top of the corresponding English word, and it lets you know if you're correct (through cool sound effects!). There are different quizzes like this--just "Enter a number between 1 and 343" or click the "Load Next Quiz" button.

There's lots more at that site--I'll need to explore it more to find other cool stuff.


comrade_tovarich said...

If you use a Mac, JEdict is a very good Japanese language learning tool. For Windows users, KingKanji lets you practice writing kanji; there are also PocketPC and Palm versions of the program.

Anonymous said...

Cool--postworthy, too.