Dead French

I got this photo from Arrogant Polyglot, who speaks and reads and writes French very well, but doesn't seem to be arrogant about it. :)


Anonymous said...

MJ! Thanks for the credit. Did you like the picture? I thought it was great. The dark, gray sandstone with years of weather stains upon the fa├žade just paralelled so well some interpretations of French.

I did end up getting the bilingual transcriber job over which I had lemented the awful interview. They must have been crazy to hire me! I think the job itself will be extremely interesting, however the limited social aspect (i.e. attached to headphones all day) may get the better of me.

Thanks again for the post. I've been gather a few gems together for a future post. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I was confused because you said that you're currently working as a temp in the gov't--so your bilingual job hasn't started yet?

Anonymous said...

Yep, I did two weeks as a temp THEN got an offer for the transcriber job.

Anonymous said...

Cool--looks like Toronto is good for you. :)