Internet ghetto

I was talking about MySpace with someone, and they shuddered and said it was the "ghetto of the internet." It works for some people, but it can get quite sleazy at times, especially when you log on and there are half-dressed people looking at you beneath gaudy flashing ads, or when you get invites to join murky groups or friend requests from people whose pictures do not include clothes. I think it's much easier to find quality people through blogs than to wade through the muck to reach similar people in the online ghetto.

And it's a lot easier to hack--there are predators all over trying to get your personal information by sending phony emails or posting false bulletins. I read blogs every day, but I haven't been visiting MySpace that much.


comrade_tovarich said...

I'm with you there. Some of my cronies have MySpace pages up, but I can't much be bothered, since I find the site a bit overwhelming and often bogged down, a victim of its own success.

Anonymous said...

It just has a lot of junk, and on top of it, people load their pages with audio, video, pictures, text--sometimes pages don't totally load cuz of all the stuff that's on them.