When working at home is good

I've said before that I'm not all that excited about working at home. But at least I don't have to deal with office politics.

Go to this site: there are a lot of awful, complicated office nightmares, for which the site gives advice. I've dealt with challenging work environments, but never that bad.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 28 05

Hey MJ:
Sure I like your site. I am gonna do another update soon and will hilight yours. We must always seek differences in perspective to learn and grow as humans. Lately, my site has been getting a lot more traffic than I could imagine and that makes me happy! I highlighted one guy who has a really cool blog and he is getting visitors, so plugging sites seems to work. I will plug yours and another persons on Monday, because I find your site to be valuable and unique! Have a nice weekend!

BTW: Whoa! You are lucky to work at home! I have dealt with many of the scenarios presented on that FAQ section of the site and man, it sucks! In time, I wish for my husband and I to develop our garage into a lab. That will be a ten thousand or so dollar investment for equipment, but after that I wanna work there cuz commuting and dealing with office BS is wack!

Anonymous said...

Just be prepared for things to be very quiet at home. You'll never hear anyone else around you talking about stuff, no one will ask you where the rubber bands are, and perhaps the only conversation you'll hear is from the radio. I don't like office politics or working with annoying or small-minded people, but I also don't like being alone all day.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say in my last comment: thanks for plugging my blog. I think you have a lot of readers at your blog because you write about a variety of subjects, comment on many blogs, and you also guest-blog somewhere else.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 29 05

Oh, sure MJ:
And you know, I don't guest blog at Dell Gines' anymore due to ideological disagreements. But sometimes my articles get pulled to bookerrisings' site. Yeah, I comment a lot on other blogs cuz I have some time during work and am so curious about a great many things, which is why I like your blog so much. I will plug it on Monday and think folks will like the break from politic talk!
Have a nice weekend BTW!