Woo hoo! The Chicago White Sox just won! It was a great game--since the first inning, I had a feeling they would win! If only I had the moolah to go to the World Series.

Da Mayor of Da Windy City is a huge Sox fan since he's from Bridgeport, which is right near Cellular Field, so let's hope he puts off the corruption for a while and gives us all a break!


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 17 05

Hey MJ:
Congrats on the White Sox's win! Although I was rooting for the Angels (go figure I live in CA) I feel that the Sox deserved it; they have been working their tushies off! Say, I just posted an article that wasn't about politics or physics. You might be interested! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks--I went to your blog and read the post. I read political blogs, I just don't discuss politics here cuz it's done everywhere, and I have different types of readers.