Nanowrimo is coming

Nanowrimo is happening again this year, and I might do it. I participated in 2002 and 2004 and managed to cross the finish line both times.

What's enjoyable about it is that there's no room for editing--you just write and write and write until you reach 50,000 words.

I'm sure published novelists or MFA candidates cringe at the thought of writing thousands of words in a month, but it's the time to not take yourself seriously. There's no need to worry if what you're writing is worthy enough for the PIC (Publishing Industrial Complex) or interesting enough for readers. You can write whatever you want as fast as you want to.

Last year I had a feeling of accomplishment when I finished that frivolous piece, which wasn't the same as finishing a draft or rewrite of a seriously-pursued novel that no one cares about. Usually, when things work out creatively it's satisfying, but this is both a quantitative and semi-qualitative pursuit where the only goal is to finish. And you're not alone, either.

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